LION'S  ARK, a premier Visual FX company, offers Graphic Design, 3D Modeling,
3D Animation, VFX , Video Gaming, Augmented Reality, and Video-Audio Editing.

We consider ourselves more than a production house. With a strong background
in concept development we can add a great deal of strength with our innovative,
creative input if the client so desires.

We offer creative, technical, & production capabilities, to design & produce :
computer animation & visual effects for films, television, commercials, music videos,
forensic & medical applications, architectural and urban development visualizations,
theatrical staging & video art, Internet education,  interactive video gaming, & Mixed
Reality, mobile applications, with a strong focus on digital 3D content.
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Our services include:

1. Pre Production                                                                       
-  Concept design & Development                                                                
-  Character Design & Illustration                                                   
-  Digital Painting, Mock-ups &
-  Pre-Visualization & Animatics     

2. Production                                                                                                
-  3D Modeling/Sculpturing
-  3D Texturing                                       
-  Matte Painting                                                                             
-  2D & 3D Animation                                                                      
-  Dynamics, Particle System
-  Fluid & Paint  effects                   
-  Cloth & Hair system simulation                                                    
-  Computer generated Visual Effects                                            
-  Photo-Realistic Rendering
4. Additional services
-  Video Games
-  Augmented Reality applications
-  Graphic Design
-  Web Design
-  Web Animation
-  Multimedia Interactive Presentations
-  Company ID & Profile
-  3D Logos
-  Book Illustrations
3. Post Production
-  Seamless composition of CG overlays
on  live video
-  Video Tracking
-  Post production Visual Effects
-  Motion Graphics, Video & Audio Editing  
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